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Intelligence Officer – Targeted Intercept

Contract Type
Public Sector
£32,772 - £36,414
Expiry Date
Targeted Intercept manages and conducts the interception of communications against tasked operations for the NCA.

Job Description

This is a designated post that is open to UK Nationals only.

IPP Accreditation or equivalent experience in a relevant role is desirable but not essential.

All successful candidates must be able to attain DV clearance within 12 months.

Targeted Intercept officers are integral to leading the fight against Serious and Organised Crime. You will work to exploit all relevant information from the interception of communications in order to produce actionable and timely intelligence so that the NCA can continue to disrupt organised criminals who pose the highest risk to the UK.

Whether it is identifying and disseminating intelligence around firearms, cash or drugs handover, an organised immigration crime attempt, or an opportunity to identify a person of interest, the input of Targeted Intercept officers ensures that when the operational teams deploy they achieve the greatest impact and value to investigations.

You can expect a varied and fulfilling career within this business area, with two days never being quite the same. Your work will be often be crucial in obtaining impressive results that make the headlines and your role will be integral in the disruption of organised crime in the UK.

***Candidates will be required to achieve SC level vetting prior to entry and must have the ability to attain DV clearance within the first year.. To meet the National Security Vetting requirements for this role you will need to have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 out of the past 5 years. For more information please see the Candidate information Pack***