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LCCI - LCCI Task Writer 2018

Contract Type
Education, Media & Communications
London, GBR
Expiry Date
LCCI - LCCI Task Writer 2018 Reference: LCCITW2018 Closing date: 31 May 2019 at midnight Writers, reviewers, Scrutineers and Examiners: Sales and Account Management, Marketing and Media Pearson are seeking writers, ...

Job Description

LCCI - LCCI Task Writer 2018

Reference: LCCITW2018

Closing date: 31 May 2019 at midnight

Writers, reviewers, Scrutineers and Examiners:

Sales and Account Management, Marketing and Media

Pearson are seeking writers, reviewers, scrutineers and and examiners to support the development and delivery of assessments for LCCI qualifications. In particular for the writing and marking of exam papers.

Pearson London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) International examinations are a symbol of business expertise and success, and are recognised throughout the world. They are work-related qualifications, created to give professional learners the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the workplace. The examinations assess the professional knowledge of the subject and are tested in English. These qualifications are for business in a range of subject areas:

  • Languages
  • Financial and Quantitative
  • Marketing and Customer Service
  • Business, Administration and IT

Pearson LCCI International qualifications are offered through a growing network of over 4,000 centres, supported by extensive learning resources and easy online administration. The

We are looking for writers, reviewers, scrutineers and examiners for the following qualifications:

level Unit

3 Sales and Account management 2 and 3 business calculations 3 business principles 2 Business Fundamentals 3 Computerised Accounting

Business Calculations (Level 2)

L1 Bookkeeping

L2 Bookkeeping and Accounting

L3 Accounting

L3 Financial Accounting

L4 Financial Accounting

L2 Business Stats

L3 Business Stats

L3 The Retail Banking Environment

L3 Retail Banking Operations

L3 Finance for Retail Banking

Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics

Level 3 Certificate in Customer Experience and Communications

Closing date 31st May

Level 3 Certificate in Media and Public Relations

  • The public relations environment
  • The media and media relations environment
  • Public relations and media planning
  • Legal and ethical issues, challenges and risks
  • Level 3 Certificate in Sales and Account Management
  • Sales fundamentals
  • The stages of the personal selling process
  • Information needed to prepare a sales plan
  • Sales planning and measuring performance
  • Account management
  • Level 2 Certificate in Copywriting & Content for Marketing
  • Marketing principles
  • Copywriting and content for marketing fundamentals
  • Communication and brand influence on copywriting and content
  • Copywriting and content for different media
  • Audiences
  • Measuring success
  • Applying practical writing skills
  • Reviewing copy and content
  • Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Understanding digital marketing
  • Digital information, media, channels and devices
  • Digital marketing and the marketing mix
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Challenges and legal and ethical considerations in digital marketing
  • Level 3 Certificate in Customer Experience and Communication
  • The customer environment
  • Customer behaviour and buying decisions
  • Customer research
  • The customer experience journey
  • Communications fundamentals
  • Corporate communications
  • Producing and testing communications
  • Challenges, risks, legal and ethical considerations
  • Level 3 Modern Marketing Principles
  • Understanding marketing
  • The marketing plan
  • Market research, data collection and segmentation
  • Marketing mix
  • Measuring the success of marketing activities
  • Legal and ethical issues

Applicants must have a degree or equivalent, and a minimum of one year’s teaching experience in the relevant subject. A teaching qualification is desirable, but not essential for all roles.


You will be required to:

  • Produce a question paper, mark scheme and assessment objective grid.
  • Complete a copyright request form where appropriate and necessary.
  • If relevant, you must also seek to ensure parity of standards across optional questions in the paper.

In conjunction with the Chief Examiner you are responsible for:

  • Demonstrating how the specification’s content and assessment criteria and objectives have been met in the question tasks. This may take the form of a grid
  • Ensuring that the manner in which the content is tested in the question tasks is clear and fit for purpose
  • Ensuring that, where candidates may choose between questions, it can be demonstrated that any permitted combination of questions provides for the coverage of a similar balance of content and assessment criteriaTaking account of feedback from previous assessment sessions, including Committee (QPEC) meeting.
  • Amend materials following QPEC as required.recommendations from relevant monitoring reports
  • Ensuring that the final question tasks meet the specification content and assessment objectives

You will be required to:

  1. Produce working draft materials.
  2. Edit materials in response to a review of the working draft tasks by the Chair of Examiners/Chief Examiner/Assessment Leader.
  3. Produce revised draft(s) in response to a review of the edited materials by the Reviser/ Chair of Examiners/Chief Examiner/Assessment Leader.
  4. Complete and sign checklist forms at each of the designated stages of production.
  5. Attend the Qualification Paper Evaluation

As a writer, reviewer, scrutineer or examiner, you can use your knowledge and expertise to contribute to the robust and expedient delivery of qualifications. You can also build upon your professional qualifications; adding another area of expertise and experience to your CV.

For more information on available positions, email quoting, ref. LCCI Marketing.

Visit our website for information on the Pearson LCCI qualifications: