Leadership and Management Auditor

Contract Type
Fixed Term
Expiry Date
The Leadership and Management Auditor will be responsible for the auditing of Leadership and Management practices within Premier League and EFL Academies.

Job Description

Review and evaluation of Leadership and Management activities:

Using the Academy Audit Company assessment framework, assess the quality of Leadership and Management provisions in Academies with Senior Club Officials, Academy Management, staff, players and parents.
Accurately and fairly report findings, identifying areas of quality, risk and development.
Manage the end to end auditing/quality assurance process, ensuring the operation runs as smoothly as possible for club and auditing team.
Ensure a consistent assessment is given through regular communication and supporting colleagues to build ongoing reliability.
To enhance processes to ensure the PGAAC team provide prompt and high-quality audits and responses to requests for information.


General Responsibilities:

Deliver club visits to ensure adherence with Safe to Operate guidelines and Youth Development Rules.
Support the development of a suitable Academy standards framework and auditing practices.
To take responsibility for Leadership and management when preparing club assessments, planning and reviewing club reports.
To attend team meetings and participate in team development/training.
Ensure the auditing team maintains an up to date knowledge of Leadership and Management related practice.
Uphold the conduct and delivery standards of the Professional Game Academy Audit Company.