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Learning Business Partner

Contract Type
Public Sector
London, Warrington
£43,288 + London Weighting £3,258
Expiry Date
Learning Business Partner

Job Description

This role will represent the Learning, Development and Talent team across the Agency, ensuring the business understands the Learning and Development strategy and direction and can utilise the services in the most appropriate way. 

The NCA has invested in a large project within our People function, looking at designing and implementing a New Model for Learning (NMFL). Working hand-in-hand with Corporate Learning and Development and internal stakeholders, to create a model that works for us now and into the future. 

We are currently focussed on how to bring a more agile approach to some of our key learning requirements. This includes systems training, cyber training and our Initial Officer Training Programme. We will look at how we can modularise into distinct training packages, digitise where appropriate, and use more support for on–the-job training which will give officers the support they need when they need it. In addition we aim to ensure that training is more accessible to all, not just those doing specific roles. 

Our aim is also to have a much improved user experience in accessing the digital learning that we provide, and we are fully committed to supporting this. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Represent the Learning, Development & Talent (LD&T) team across the Agency, ensuring the business understands the LD&T strategy and direction and can utilise the services in the most appropriate way. 
  • Work with Directorates to develop a strategic capability development plan for 19/20 through a new learning needs analysis process considering top down and bottom up requirements. 
  • Work with the L&DT Senior Management Team, HR Business Partners (HRBPs) and the business to develop the new process for the learning needs analysis. 
  • Outline design and delivery plan(s) for the capability development for Directorates in 19/20 aligned to strategic priorities and budgets. 
  • Provide support on learning function projects, thereby contributing to the overarching HR Strategy. 
  • Establish and develop a new Heads of Profession network in the NCA to inform capability development across Directorate. 
  • Responsibility for supporting the governance of learning including the effective running of the Learning and Skill Committee and Business Learning Network. 
  • Support LD&T policy and process compliance across the Agency, including external benchmarking. 
  • Communicate LD&T contribution to Agency strategy and results, in such a way that senior stakeholders would agree and recognise. 
  • Work with HRBPs, LD&T to lead and deliver integrated people solutions to meet organisational needs. 
  • Understand specific agency targets and recommend LD&T activities to support the achievement of the objectives, including interventions relevant to the Senior Leadership teams. 
  • Using a range of development of development tools, work directly with managers and leaders (in one to one and group settings) to provide insight into their leadership strengths and development needs. 
  • Keep Directorates informed about LD&T initiatives and ensure these are fit for purpose and continually improved based on business need and feedback. 
  • Keep up to date with external trends and best practice in all areas of learning. 
  • Build strategic relationships and form partnerships across the SOC system and beyond Develop communities of practice to scan for innovations and opportunities to collaborate. 
  • Build partnerships with external suppliers and where appropriate negotiate to secure deals which represent value for money.