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Learning & Development – On-boarding Coordinator

Contract Type
Public Sector
London Warrington
£34,971 + London Weighting £3,258
Expiry Date
Learning & Development – On-boarding Coordinator

Job Description

This is a key trainer role for the agency, co-ordinating and delivering the NCA on-boarding process, welcoming and equipping new officers for their careers in the NCA. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Co-ordinate the NCA on-boarding process and deliver training to newly recruited NCA Officers in support of NCA business needs. 
  • Provide specialist advice and knowledge to colleagues and partners to support achievement of organisational objectives and enable compliance with organisational policy. 
  • Plan, design and develop training products which satisfy identified learning needs. 
  • Deliver training and development products using appropriate methodology and materials and in the most cost effective and appropriate manner. 
  • Facilitate, coach and mentor groups and individuals. 
  • Determine and utilise assessment strategies to identified standards. 
  • Evaluate training, learning and development programmes. 
  • Develop and manage internal systems and processes to achieve and maintain corporate accreditation.