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Life Safety Lead

Life Safety Lead
Contract Type
Energy & Manufacturing
Naperville, Illinois
Expiry Date
The Life Safety Lead is responsible for the management of emergency preparedness and response activities and compliance with all related BP and legal requirements at the Naperville Site

Job Description

This position provides leadership and strategic planning concerning conformance with the requirements of Operating Management Systems (OMS) Sub-element 4.6- Crisis & Continuity Management. In addition, the Life Safety Lead is responsible for mentoring the Naperville Incident Management Team (IMT); is the Commander for the Naperville Emergency Response Team (ERT); is the subject matter expert (SME) for site life safety alarms in the Research & Development environment; is the owner for fire protection systems at the Naperville campus; and is the owner for all training programs, policies, procedures, and programs that support continued excellence in these areas, as well as compliance with applicable engineering standards and regulatory requirements. The role will also report key performance metrics into the Naperville Entity on a quarterly and annual basis.

  • Single Point of Accountability (SPA) and SME for OMS 4.6, Crisis and Continuity Management and Emergency Response. Owner of the C&CM Program for the Naperville Entity.
  • Mentor for the Naperville IMT regarding the implementation of national incident management system NIMS and the Incident Command System. Develops IMT capabilities through drills and tabletops exercises, and provides critical feedback via after action reports.
  • Upon IMT activation, performs the role of Operations Lead until the emergency condition is addressed and recovery operations begin.
  • ERT Commander for 20 – 25 ERTs. Develops and/or supervises all training and drills to support emergency response capabilities and risk mitigation activities. Makes certain team meets the requirements of OSHA RPP, PPE, HazWOpER, and other applicable regulations.
  • Liaison with community emergency responders as they assume On-Scene Command in certain scenarios.
  • Owner and author of all Emergency Response policies, procedures and programs. Responsible to make certain the IMT, ERT, and site occupants understand relevant emergency processes and actions.
  • SME regarding fire and life safety alarm systems, and liaison with Naperville Security and Chicago Area Facilities Organization (CAFO) Project management to ensure full alarm functionality which drives the appropriate site response.
  • Leads after-hours emergency responders and is on-call 24/7 to support Naperville Security and CAFO operations in diagnosing and responding as appropriate to emergent conditions with potential life safety impacts.
  • SME for Naperville fire protection systems, including sprinkler system, alarms, fire extinguishers, and ancillary equipment. Serves as the single point of contact for consultants and vendors which inspect and maintain these systems.
  • incident command system
  • SME for Life Safety, OSHA, NFPA, and Building Code requirements for fire safety.
  • Drives conformance with Life Safety regulatory requirements through use of the Essentials database and the Compliance Task Manager system; develops tasks with operational controls and serves as task owner or task supervisor.
  • Member of the Process Safety management team, and provides expertise on Life Safety, Fire Safety, PPE, and hazardous materials management. Participates in Business Unit MOCs as requested, filling same role.
  • Liaison with CAFO Project Management group regarding any Capital or Expense projects that may have potential Life Safety impacts and regarding the operation of the BAS (Business Automation System) and helps drive system improvements.
  • Support the BUs regarding chemical inventory management, and is a skilled user of the CisPro chemical inventory database. Works with the Compliance Systems Lead to maximize value from the monthly fire reports, and is the SME regarding determinations and permissions regarding chemical storage on site.
  • Advise Naperville Entity leadership on interpretation and application of rules, government regulations, and BP standards of practice related to Safety & Health topics..
  • Must effectively interface with all levels of the organization.

A Bachelors Degree in Safety, Applied Science or Engineering- or a related field is required.
Certification in Emergency Management is preferred.

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in a research or hydrocarbon processing environment. Familiarity with Pilot Plant and Laboratory operations is a plus.
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience as an emergency responder and/or emergency response management.
  • A working knowledge in the application of local, state and federal safety and health regulations.
  • Deep understanding of NIMS and ICS. Familiarity with incident escalation processes.
  • Experience in the development and administration of safety policies and procedures and related training & implementation.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills; Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate individuals and teams.
  • Experience with health and safety management systems, especially in regard to chemical inventory and regulatory compliance databases.
  • Able to work effectively across a broad span of responsibility and control.
  • Successfully influence all levels of the organization.