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Manager Operational Projects Team

Contract Type
Engineering, IT
Bristol, Leicester, Rochester, Warrington, York
Expiry Date
You will manage a close knit team of subject matter experts in the field of Technical Operations.

Job Description

You will have an extensive background in Technical Operations with knowledge of all elements of Intrusive Operations including TEI capabilities. With this knowledge and experience you will be expected to be the NCA subject matter expert in this area briefing and advising other NCA departments, National and International forums and NCA Investment Boards. You will manage and develop your staff, hold regular team events, keep Tech Ops managers and staff visible of your teams work and strategies. Your team will continue to deliver innovative and cutting edge technical equipment to enhance Operational activity.

Intelligence Collection - coordinates NCA collection capabilities against the Agency’s highest priorities. Intelligence Collection includes forensics, open source, covert human intelligence sources, undercover officers and technical collection capabilities.