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Officer – Cyber Engineering – National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU)

Contract Type
Part-Time, Permanent
Expiry Date
These roles are core to the delivery of NCCU and wider NCA operations. We provide access to the most up to date tooling and training opportunities

Job Description

The team of Cyber Engineers are spread across the following teams Software Developer, Research & Development and Infrastructure Engineers and successful candidates will be posted to anyone of the above mentioned teams depending on their areas of expertise.

The team exist to deliver operational impact through the use of technology. This ranges from the development and deployment of capabilities covered under the Investigatory Powers Act, through to systems to analyse and exploit data at pace.
Key Responsibilities:

• Provide tactical support during critical incidents and crimes in progress using technical solutions

• Support and create bespoke technical solutions to NCA/NCCU operations and investigations, including real-time support in time-critical situations.

• Look to continuously improve cyber investigation capabilities in order to keep pace with the new and developing threats.

• Provide technical advice and guidance to other law enforcement partners