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Operations Leader, South East UK

BP International Ltd
Contract Type
Energy & Manufacturing
(Car) Competitive
Expiry Date
24/08/2018 11:49:00

Like any organisation, it is the people who make the real difference!

Job Description

Now, we could rattle off all the technical aspects of the role and reference BP's commercial successes and strategies. But instead, I would like to pose some questions to you:

  1. Are the people you work with, important to you?
  2. Would you like 'trust' and 'respect' so that you can perform at your best?
  3. Do you long for greater autonomy, knowing that you will have the support of a brilliantly collaborative team behind you?
  4. Are you looking to be technically challenged and yet, willing to learn from other like-minded individuals in order to make a real difference?
  5. Is it in your DNA to improve things and make them better?
  6. Are you ready to take up your next challenge?

If you have answered yes to the above, we may have the perfect opportunity for you - click on the link to learn more...

BP International Ltd