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Operations Officer - UK Protected Persons Service

Contract Type
Public Sector
East Midlands
Expiry Date
The strategic aim of the unit is to enable safe, long term, successful resettlement to clients.

Job Description

The role requires the use of both overt and covert tactics that are not replicated within UK Law Enforcement and are supported by a number of specialist/technical teams who are an inclusive capability to UKPPS and all aligned partners.

Staff receive bespoke training and in addition to operational officer requirements, undergo regular psychological assessments. The unit works closely with national partner agencies and public authorities to set up and implement effective protection arrangements.

The strategic aim of the unit is to enable safe, long term, successful resettlement to clients.

Job description

The post holder must be an excellent communicator who can make effective operational decisions using the risk management framework. Individuals are expected to work towards a National Occupational Standards based Core Law Enforcement Skills learning pathway to assist them in obtaining the NCA Operational Powers Designation which will be facilitated by the Agency. Relevant training and support will be available.

Frequent travel to sites/meetings throughout the UK and overnight stays will be required as necessary.


• To develop, implement, maintain and review bespoke protective measure packages for designated Protected Persons cases.
• To participate in operational deployments in support of Protected Person case management.
• Identify, assess and manage risks using agreed national model and forms.
• Adhere to Authorised Professional Practice, Practitioner Guidance and NCA Policy and Procedure.
• Provide day to day management of allocated protective person case work. Ensure that protected persons are managed effectively and in accordance with SOCPA 2005, Protected Person’s Authorised Professional Practice and NCA Policy and Procedures.
• Be prepared to deal with regular interaction with protected persons and their family members and to manage the associated strains, tension and pressures which at times are manifested by their status.
• Ensure that complex queries are referred in a timely manner to Senior Officers and Managers, as appropriate.
• Provide advice and representation to NCA departments, Police forces, external partners and colleagues in respect of referrals whilst considering and assessing risks and threat to life issues.
• Prepare and maintain accurate documentation and case management system records in support of protected person cases.
• Ensure that risks associated to a protected person are thoroughly assessed, risk assessments are documented and the appropriate control measures are put in place as agreed by the management team and DPP.
• Ensure that protected persons’ ECHR Article 2 rights are properly managed and that identified risks are mitigated.
• Manage the security of protected person activity derived information, maintaining confidentiality, sensitivity and duty of care responsibilities.
• Maintain resilience in a high risk high profile and challenging area, identifying, monitoring and managing work/life balance issues.
• Maintain self-motivation and be prepared to work remotely with limited supervision at short notice in challenging conditions and support the department with ‘on call’ duties.
• Maintain standards of professional conduct in line with the Agency’s practice and values.
• Identify internal and external partnerships to support and improve best practice in line with departmental aims and objectives and work collaboratively with stakeholders and external agencies.
• Produce accurate and detailed reports, operational plans and risk assessments for Management in a timely manner.
• Ensure Health and Safety compliance and ensure risk assessments are effectively implemented in line with the Agency’s policy and safety legislation