PB3, Records and Data Quality Officer

Contract Type
Administration, Digital
£24,441 - £25,651
Expiry Date
This is an exciting opportunity to join the Digital, Data and Technology Directorate (DD&T).

Job Description

To support us on our path of becoming data driven we have created a new unit of Data Governance where the Records Team now resides.

You will be part of a small team reporting to the Information and Records Manager playing a crucial role in delivering a high quality service to the Organisation providing advice and support to colleagues that will ensure the organisation is compliant with legislation and maintaining the Electronic Document and Records Management System. You will also be working closely with the National Archives Team transferring digital records for historical preservation in line with National and Local policies and procedures.

The role is about understanding the full lifecycle of records across different groups within the organisation from their creation; who is accountable, is the record available and accessible to correct staff groups, leading to the appropriate retention and disposal of the records in a held and maintained in a secure environment.

There will be times when your support will be called upon to work on the projects being delivered by the DD&T function to review and test items as part of ongoing continuous improvement becoming a data driven organisation.

Job description

• Provide guidance and support to staff across the Organisation with any records management requests that could be in connection with the retention policy or the EDRMS.

• Preparing records for digital transfer to the National Archives

• Review data quality reports and feedback on trends that include issues as well good practice as part of adopting a lessons learned culture across the Organisation.

• Deliver training sessions so staff understand their obligations around records management as well as understanding the EDRMS.


• It is essential to have records management experience that includes applying retention to records, as well as understanding the importance of security of records and that only certain groups with the relevant permissions are to have access to particular files and folder structures.

• Good written and verbal communication skills are also essential for this role in terms of understanding issues to resolve, having appropriate questioning technique to obtain relevant information to assist in resolving requests.

• Understanding and complying with data protection legislation when dealing with data items ensuring that confidentiality is adhered to when dealing with personal or sensitive/special category data at all times.

• Having a good decision making approach to prioritising workflow and applying risk management with mitigation when appropriate.


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

Managing a Quality Service
Delivering at Pace
Working Together
Making Effective Decisions

We only ask for evidence of these behaviours on your application form:

Managing a Quality Service
Delivering at Pace