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Portfolio Management & Governance Team Leader

Contract Type
Public Sector
Expiry Date
Our roles offer the opportunity to work with stakeholders at the most senior levels, including Ministers.

Job Description

Your main responsibilities include:


  • Running a Portfolio Management Office to drive effective planning and delivery of the department’s corporate strategy.
  • Providing advice and support to the Corporate Centre senior management team to ensure that the directorate’s work progresses and effective decisions are made.
  • Maintaining a single picture of the department’s corporate priorities, delivery plans, risks and decision points – including taking handover of the corporate portfolio management office from external consultants.
  • Running the department’s boards, including the Permanent Secretary-chaired Executive Board and Audit and Risk Committee
  • Leading relationships and support to our Non-Executive Board Members.
  • Leading relationships with our internal auditors (GIAA).
  • Coordination of cross-directorate and departmental projects to support the delivery of departmental priorities.
  • Working with colleagues on corporate activities to ensure the Department is a great place to work.