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Process Engineer

BP International Ltd
Contract Type
Expiry Date
07/12/2017 15:19:00

Job Description

The Process Engineer is accountable for a board range of responsibilities including daily support for Operations, Process Monitoring and Optimization, and leadership in process safety and environmental compliance activities. The focus of this position is to support the operations (24/7) organization with prompt troubleshooting and optimization support through all facets of operation. The primary goal for the Process Engineer is to support unit operation to create the optimum value from the complex assets in a safe and compliant manner.

  • Deliver personal capability - accountable for growing professionally, and exploring opportunities that establish the basis for long term career planning
  • Support Delivering Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental compliance. Documents all environmental releases accurately in a timely manner as required by the HSE group.
  • Accountable for personal and process safety, compliance to standards and applying technical knowledge to unit health, safety, security, and environmental issues
  • Network internally with site manufacturing technical representatives, commercial, and projects teams, and externally with Refining Technology and other BP sites sharing and bringing applied information on short-term tactical and strategic initiatives, programs, and projects to Whiting
  • Provide technical support to the complex in the form of troubleshooting, data analysis, KPI tracking, alarm management, and incident investigation in the spirit of continuous improvement of the operating complex.
  • Monitor and communicate unit health and technical process status, risks, and opportunities including maintaining and developing advanced monitoring tools and interfacing with Reliability, Inspection, and Commercial teams.
  • Provide technical leadership for Operations, Environmental and Technology issues.
  • Deliver operational technical support through improved process improvements, turnaround support, performance tests, and troubleshooting exercises. This may include occasionally working shift/evening/weekend schedule.
  • Document technical learning; accountable for ensuring technical knowledge is captured, maintained, and easily retrievable and shared appropriately.
  • Provide in-department backfill coverage for other engineers.
  • Supports the operations team through the evaluation of current operation to identify: optimization opportunities, acute risks to the operating plan, options for constraint removal, process safety risks, and weak signals that will impact future operation.
  • Supports operations personnel through technical coaching and follow-up on requests for support and information.

Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering or Petroleum Engineering required (Technical Bachelor's Degree and equivalent time in related role will be considered)

3 years minimum experience as a Refinery Process Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, or Equivalent

BP International Ltd