Programme Governance Officer

Contract Type
Public Sector
£48,831 per annum
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The Civil Society and Sport unit work to support the civil society and community sport sectors in London through capacity building, policy, best practice, building collaboration and partnerships, and delivering targeted funding to the sectors

Job Description

 It also helps Londoners to play active roles in their city through volunteering. As our Programme Governance Officer, you’ll work across many areas of the unit. You’ll be someone who enjoys variety in their work, applying strategic thinking, active problem solving and risk management skills in a fast-paced environment. You will: 


work closely with the Strategy and Governance manager, and subject matter experts in finance, legal, governance and procurement teams to support and coordinate budgets and expenditure, procurement, legal documents, monitoring and reporting, governance processes and to plan and deliver work in accordance with organisational requirements 
not need direct knowledge of the subject matter, but will need to demonstrate a general understanding of the areas and the ability to learn and apply new information 
be a self-starter with a keen eye for detail who can navigate their way through spotting potential issues and problem solving by applying critical thinking, working with subject matter experts, and investigating routes to resolution. They will be proactive, organised, an analytical thinker, make informed recommendations, be able to convey complex information clearly and concisely to various stakeholders and uphold high ethical standards and adherence to complex procedures 


Principal Accountabilities  

Some of the key accountabilities in this varied role include: 

supporting the Assistant Director and Strategy and Governance manager with business planning, performance management and budget monitoring work for the unit 
liaise with Governance and legal on issues relating to correct processes and adhering to legal and GLA requirements, support the unit to fulfil these 
develop and manage implementation of guidelines and standardised approaches to support and maintain good project and programme management practice 
monitor, advise on and on occasion manage procurement projects, and the preparation of contract specifications and grant award documentation to delivery partners 
develop successful networks within the organisation and with external partners to ensure successful delivery across all projects 


If you have a question about the role or would like to discuss it informally, please feel free to contact Karen Reed at to arrange a call.  

Please note all applications for this vacancy must be submitted via our online recruitment system. We do not accept CVs alone for this role. Please upload a supporting statement with a maximum of 1500 words to the ‘Additional Documents’ section of the form, ensuring you address the following technical requirements and competencies in your supporting statement. Word or PDF format preferred and do not include any photographs or images. Please ensure your CV and supporting statement documents are saved with the job reference number as part of the naming convention (E.g., “CV – applicant name - 012345) 

The GLA Competency Framework Guidelines further detailing each competency and the different level indicators can be found here: GLA competency framework 





Technical requirements/experience/qualifications 

 The candidate must have:  

experience of delivering large projects in complex organisations 
understanding of contract, funding agreement, budget, and procurement management 
excellent problem-solving skills –joining the dots between issues and solutions, foresight of potential areas of concern and their solutions, navigating unfamiliar areas of work, persevering until resolution 
evidence of using strategic reasoning skills to support project delivery, including using performance management frameworks to implement and monitor successful delivery. 
understanding of varied models of programme governance and how they apply to complex projects involving multiple internal and external partners. 
well-developed finance and IT skills and experience of using financial or project management systems and processes 
experience working across multiple complex and varied pieces of work concurrently 


 Behavioural competencies 


Building & Managing Relationships 

…is developing rapport and working effectively with a diverse range of people, sharing knowledge and skills to deliver shared goals. 

Level 2 Indicators of Effective Performance 

Identifies opportunities for joint working to minimise duplication and deliver shared goals 
Develops new professional relationships 
Understands the needs of others, the constraints they face and the levers to their engagement 
Understands differences, anticipates areas of conflict, and acts 
Fosters an environment where others feel respected 


Communicating & Influencing 

…is presenting information and arguments clearly and convincingly so that others see us as credible and articulate and engage with us. 

 Level 2 Indicators of Effective Performance 

Presents a credible and positive image both internally and externally 
Challenges the views of others in an open and constructive way 
Communicates openly and inclusively with internal and external stakeholders 
Clearly articulates the key points of an argument, both in verbal and written communication 
Persuades others, using evidence-based knowledge, modifying approach to deliver message effectively 


Planning & Organising 

… is thinking ahead, managing time, priorities, and risk, and developing structured and efficient approaches to deliver work on time and to a high standard. 

Level 2 Indicators of Effective Performance 

Prioritises work in line with key team or project deliverables 
Makes contingency plans to account for changing work priorities, deadlines, and milestones 
Identifies and consults with sponsors or stakeholders in planning work 
Pays close attention to detail, ensuring team’s work is delivered to a high standard 
Negotiates realistic timescales for work delivery, ensuring team deliverables can be met 


Problem Solving 

… is analysing and interpreting situations from a variety of viewpoints and finding creative, workable, and timely solutions.  


Level 2 Indicators of Effective Performance 


Processes and distils a variety of information to understand a problem fully 
Proposes options for solutions to presented problems 
Builds on the ideas of others to encourage creative problem solving 
Thinks laterally about own work, considering different ways to approach problems 
Seeks the opinions and experiences of others to understand different approaches to problem solving 


Organisational Awareness 

… is understanding and being sensitive to organisational dynamics, culture, and politics across and beyond the GLA and shaping our approach accordingly. 

Level 2 Indicators of Effective Performance 

Challenges unethical behaviour  
Uses understanding of the GLA’s complex partnership arrangements to deliver effectively 
Recognises how political changes and sensitivities impact on own and team’s work 
Is aware of the changing needs of Londoners, anticipating resulting changes for work agendas 
Follows the GLA’s position in the media and understands how it impacts on work 


Responding to Pressure and Change 

… is being flexible and adapting positively, to sustain performance when the situation changes, workload increases, tensions rise or priorities shift.  

Level 2 Indicators of Effective Performance 

Maintains a focus on key priorities and deliverables, staying resilient in the face of pressure 
Anticipates and adapts flexibly to changing requirements  
Uses challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve  
Participates fully and encourages others to engage in change initiatives  
Manages team’s well-being, supporting them to cope with pressure and change 


 This role is based at London Fire Brigade’s Head Office (Union Street SE1 0LL)  

GLA staff are hybrid working up to 3 days a week in our offices and remotely depending on their role. As part of this, you will need to split your time between home working and coming into the office. 


London's diversity is its biggest asset, and we strive to ensure our workforce reflects London's diversity at all levels. We welcome applications from everyone regardless of age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, or disability.  

 We particularly encourage applications from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic candidates and disabled candidates who are currently underrepresented in our workforce. 

 We are committed to being an inclusive employer and we are happy to consider flexible working arrangements. We would welcome applications from candidates who are seeking part time work as this role is open to job share.  

 In addition to a good salary package, we offer an attractive range of benefits including 30 days’ annual leave, interest free season ticket loan, interest free bicycle loan and a career average pension scheme. 


 Application closing date: 18th December 2023 at 23:59