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Project Management Advisor

BP International Ltd
Contract Type
Project Management
Expiry Date
29/12/2017 21:42:00
We are a global energy business involved in every aspect of the energy system. We have 75,000 employees in 80 countries, working towards delivering light, heat and mobility to millions of people, every day.

Job Description

Project Management (PMO) Advisor primary job responsibility will be to ensure that Air BP strategic growth objectives are clearly defined and progressed throughout the Air BP North America Cluster for each project/activity from development to execution. The PMO Advisor will be responsible for engaging the Supply and Logistics Manager, CA Sales and Marketing Manager, GA Sales and Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, HR Manager and Operations Manager in overseeing the strategic medium to long term growth activities. The PMO Advisor will engage the SPAs and Sponsors to take ownership of the resulting quality of each project.

The PMO Advisor will manage and oversee the project activity / development process by performing a wide variety of responsibilities/accountabilities related to the aviation business in North America.

  • Facilitate project planning through the prioritization of tasks, ease of deliverability, resource availability, potential value, project start dates. Engage SPAs and sponsors to set deadlines and assign Air BP staff to various activity/project deliverables so that each activity is efficiently managed on time with open communication to the activity status and possible issues/delays.
  • Analyze input/output data and financial results working closely with the ABM/PPM Manager and team leaders to ensure that all the processes related to activity/project completion are delivered in an effective manner and based on a given set of standards. Prepare and communicate regular updates on status through the use of a PMO Dashboard.
  • Assist Business Process Manager to identify and continuously improve existing processes, create new processes, and continually evaluate with the function heads whether each project is meeting the applicable standards, and engage the managers and personnel with problem solving solutions to eliminate and or highlight roadblocks.
  • Coordinate with the team leaders to ensure that the SPAs have documented each/every/key step(s) of the activity and project from development to execution and ensure the accurate completion of the documents. This may involve a review and challenge of the documents scope, resources, and activity justification.
  • Manage the PMO activities through close coordination with the ABM/PPM Manager and the Performance Unit Leader. In coordination with the PUL, facilitate the Governance Review (GR) process with the important activities/projects for the PU. Communicate and coordinate the results of the GR with ABM/PPR Manager, PUL, and team leaders.
  • Act as facilitator for the ABM Projects and Products Review meetings. Assist ABM/PPR Manager with the highlighting performance gaps related to projects including resource limitations.
  • Maintain operational cost savings and working capital improvements into structured tracking achievement logbooks by collecting pertinent activities throughout business. Logbooks are owned by Operations and Finance Managers.

Bachelor's Degree with preferable course work in Project Management.

  • Minimum of 3 years business experience
  • Ability to grasp the strategic direction and intent of Air BP North America with an ability to focus on the strategic growth activities/projects through direct and positive interaction with the ABM/PPM Manager
  • Ability to focus on the activity details to understand and challenge with creativity the activity deliverables and have insight and recommendations to possible roadblocks
  • High-energy, optimistic person engaging and empowering the Air BP personnel to deliver the growth and base business objectives
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure, and skills to manage several different activities/projects simultaneous with ease
  • Critical thinker
  • Demonstrated project management and change management experience
  • Demonstrated organizational skills with the ability to influence others
  • Commercial acumen and experience
  • Demonstrated communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to work with people at different levels
  • Demonstrated facilitation and influencing skills
  • Financial acumen
BP International Ltd