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Reliability Coordinator

BP International Ltd
Contract Type
Expiry Date
06/04/2018 14:25:00
We are a global energy business involved in every aspect of the energy system. We have 75,000 employees in 80 countries, working towards delivering light, heat and mobility to millions of people, every day.

Job Description

The Reliability Coordinator is the central figure in the Control of Work process, as he/she functions as the Area Authority (AA). The Reliability Coordinator should have an operations background and is the primary or single point-of-contact within the Operations team to prioritize and support daily execution of the work schedule and provide approval of work orders and development of short and long term Maintenance schedules. The role will work closely with the Unit/Area Supervisors for the unit/area, who will also function as the Area Authority Delegate when the Reliability Coordinator is not present.

  • Accountable for working with the Asset Team to set and maintain work request priorities, in the context of changing business needs.
  • Targets prevention of failures then improvement work as a guiding principal to schedule development
  • Collects & validates work requests (daily) to ensure they meet minimum quality requirements
  • Works with Planner to clarify work request scopes (as needed)
  • Filters work requests that can be completed through Ops Basics, projects, or improvement programs
  • Coordinates Isolation plans and risk assessment activities in advance of work order scheduling
  • Collects reliability data for equipment to be used to determine probability of equipment failure.
  • Works with the Planner and Lead Areas Maintenance Supervisor (LAMS) to represent area needs for the weekly craft allocation and scheduling meetings
  • Works with LAMS to communicate emerging issues and to secure additional crafts as needed at the weekly allocation meeting (e.g. crafts to staff outages, address out of range backlogs, etc)
  • Develops and coordinates revision of the annual Area Maintenance Plan, works with the Area Planner to maintain
  • Sets work Target Schedule dates to kick of Planning process
  • Maintains Target Start dates aligned with the area work request priorities
  • Approves the weekly and daily planned work list for their unit/area in consultation with the Unit/Area Shift Supervisor.
  • Coordinates COW activities prior to field execution
    • Coordinates Isolation plans in advance of work order scheduling
    • Decides whether a task may be approved based on levels of residual risk identified by Level 1 or Level 2 RA.
    • Identifies the required levels of approval, using the Task Risk Category Table and Residual Risk matrix.
  • Stops unsafe tasks and CoW non-compliance.
  • Works with equipment specialists to identify opportunities for improved equipment reliability
  • Serves as the primary Operations Team representative in all equipment reliability improvement projects
  • Work with the area maintenance engineer to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of PM programs

  • Required: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Preferred: Engineering Degree

  • Required: 5+ years' experience in refinery operations or an engineering degree with operations experience in a refinery setting.
  • Analyzing problems, troubleshooting, and problem solving: Systematically determine root cause(s) of problems through questioning and inspecting, and then identify the best course of action to take.
  • Ability to multitask while performing job tasks, without being distracted.
  • Assist in Incident Investigations, and Job Safety Analysis.
  • Identify and assess safety hazards.
  • Computer Programs-Microsoft Office, Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word
  • Knowledge of Maximo
BP International Ltd