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Reviser/ Scrutineer/ Writer – Level 2 Apprenticesh

Contract Type
Education, Media & Communications
London, GBR
Expiry Date
Reviser/ Scrutineer/ Writer – Level 2 Apprenticeship – Hospitality Team Member (EPA) Reference: Rev/Scru/EPA_Hospitality Closing date: 15 August 2018 at midnight We are currently recruiting for Revisers/ Scrutineers/ Writers for ...

Job Description

Reviser/ Scrutineer/ Writer – Level 2 Apprenticeship – Hospitality Team Member (EPA)

Reference: Rev/Scru/EPA_Hospitality

Closing date: 15 August 2018 at midnight

We are currently recruiting for Revisers/ Scrutineers/ Writers for Hospitality. We are recruiting for the following sectors:

  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Food Production
  • Housekeeping
  • Reception
  • Conference and Events Operations

Purpose of the Role:

For specifie d* *externall y* *assesse d* *co mponents w* *i th i* *n EPA programme s* *i n* *a given sec t* *o r* *a n* *d le v* *el ,* *t he Re v* *iser /* *Scr ut i* *n ee r* *w il l* *b e* *t he responsibl e* *f o* *r re v* *ie w* *i ng a* *n d* *t rai l* *i ng externa l* *assessmen t* *mater i* *a l* *s as part of the e* *xt e* *rna l* *assessmen t* *pro c* *ess

Duties and Responsibilities (Reviser):

The reviser may be required to:

  • Review the initial draft question paper(s) and mark scheme(s).Check that the nature and range of responses required by the mark scheme are appropriate.
  • Comment on individual questions and responses and the draft question paper(s) as a whole.
  • Provide constructive feedback to writer in the required format and suggest alternatives where appropriate.
  • Complete a full report concerning each question paper and submit it to the Content Production Manager (CPM) before the Question Paper Evaluation Committee (QPEC) meeting is due to be held.
  • Attend the review meeting/Question Paper Evaluation Committee (QPEC) meeting and therefore contribute to the production of the final draft paper(s) which will be sent to be typeset.
  • Review additional items remotely after the review meeting (as appropriate).
  • Attend kick-start and training events as required.
  • Respond to CPM queries on an ad hoc basis.
  • Adhere to the production schedules and turnaround requests from the Content Production Manager.

As the reviser, you are responsible for ensuring that the assessment materials:

  • Are appropriate to the specific range of ability and that it will result in good discrimination and differentiation at all the levels that it is designed to test.
  • Comply with the demands of the current specification as far as template of paper, duration of the paper, reading/preparation time, number of questions/items and all other aspects are concerned, and that the rubric is clear and reflects these requirements.
  • Adhere to guidance provided on item types and item quality as required by Pearson.
  • Can be worked by the candidates in the time allotted.
  • Have correct solutions in the mark scheme.
  • Include instructions for practical tasks or constructional work.
  • Make comparable demands on candidates, for alternative routes in the specification.
  • Do not, as far as is practicable, advantage or disadvantage particular groups of candidates on grounds other than competence in the subject.
  • Use source material which does not cause offence because of inappropriate subject matter or language.
  • Include appropriate graphics, photographs or images (where required) and that any diagrams are free from error.
  • Adequately cover the subject matter of the current specification and that all questions are within the specification.
  • Contain no unnecessary repetition of questions within the set of papers and that the questions differ from those used in previous years.

Key Accountabilities (Scrutineer)

A Scrutineer is required to provide written comments on the final proofs of the question paper(s) and mark scheme(s) and, where appropriate, work through the question paper(s).

The Scrutineer must:

  • Check the final proofs of the question paper(s) without reference to the mark scheme(s) to ensure that the questions can be answered in the time allowed and that there are no errors or omissions.
  • Work through the question paper (s) (where appropriate and directed to do so).
  • Check the mark scheme (s) to ensure that the marks given are identical to those on the question paper (s).
  • Prepare a report for the Content Production Manager.

This will include the following activities:

  • Read the copy and indicate any printing errors or omissions.
  • Work the solutions of graphical, numerical or mathematical questions and ensure all necessary data, materials and equipment are provided, and ensure that practical or constructional tasks can be carried out from the instructions provided in the time allowed.
  • Where appropriate, and if directed to do so by the Content Production Manager, work through the question paper (s) and answer the questions as a candidate sitting the question paper (s).
  • Bring to the attention of the Content Production Manager any other feature of the question paper(s) which may cause difficulties for the candidates.


Previous Work Experience


  • S* *u bs t* *a nt ia l* *s u* *bjec t* *k n* *o w* *ledg e* *an d* *expertise withi n* *th e* *sector
  • Sig n* *i f* *ica nt e* *x perie n* *c e* *i n* *deli v* *eri ng a* *n d* *assessin g* *vocationa l* *qualifications
  • Evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the field of assessment of vocational qualifications


  • Experienc e* *o f* *advisin g* *an d* *s u* *pportin g* *others i* *n th e* *product i* *o n* *o f* *externa l* *assessment withi n* *th e* *sector.
  • Experience of marking and results delivery, to include the examination process, pre-standardisation and standardisation activities, and awarding Experience of teaching or assessing externally assessed qualifications.

Skills and knowledge:


  • A clear understanding of the educational landscape and regulatory requirements for qualifications
  • Detailed knowledge of the specifications that comprise the area of expertise for the role
  • Ability to edit materials to ensure they are grammatically correct and fit for purpose
  • Excellent communication, written, verbal, IT and personal skills


  • Intermediate to advanced level skills in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel

Note - Please can you complete the attached exercise which applies to you (for example if applying for Housekeeping, only complete the Housekeeping task) and send it to

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Please note the deadline for this role is Wednesday 15th August 2018.