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Right of Way Agent

Contract Type
Energy & Manufacturing
Chicago Illinois
Expiry Date
The Right of Way (ROW) Agent is a integral part of the U.S. Pipelines & Logistics (USPL) team.

Job Description

You will manage the acquisition and maintenance of property rights necessary for the construction, operation and maintenance of assets. As the ROW Agent, you will help provide leadership and direction for the ROW staff and contractors on projects involving land matters for the US Pipelines & Logistics Business Unit (PLBU).

  • Manage acquisition of property rights necessary for construction, operation and maintenance of USPL assets
  • Lead all activities associated with, but not limited to, acquisition, divestment, encroachments and modification of land rights in a geographic area.
  • Responsible for management and administration of internal and external due diligence
  • Participate on project development teams (pre-appraise) to complete route selection, feasibility studies and cost estimates
  • Approve standard documents for relocation or adjustment of pipeline to accommodate road improvement projects or site development projects
  • Negotiate with landowners, highway departments and other entities and agencies to obtain, maintain and/or dispose of company easements, leases, licenses, permits, ordinances, franchise agreements, and site agreements
  • Identify and resolve legal and C&EA (Communications & External Affairs) issues by working closely with the legal department and C&EA representatives
  • Manage contractors to support daily work, routine operations, projects and other activities for the department
  • Represent company at public meetings before governmental agencies such as municipalities, zoning boards, county commissioners and similar organizations


High School Diploma or GED


Minimum of 6 years of related experience in ROW industry