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Royal Fleet Auxiliary Qualified Officer

Contract Type
Fixed Term
UK & Worldwide
Expiry Date
12/12/2019 09:42:00

The Royal Navy is one of the world’s most versatile fighting forces. Above and below the waves, on land and in the air, we represent and defend the UK’s interests at home and abroad. However, we deliver more than just military power; we help police the world’s oceans, enforcing trade sanctions and preventing drug trafficking. We provide humanitarian relief in places of crisis worldwide and conduct world-leading scientific research of the oceans. We achieve all this because we work as a team of dedicated professionals. You can be part of that team.

We’re looking for men and women from all backgrounds and various levels of education, on a full-time and reserve basis, for positions such as engineers and submariners, nurses, logisticians and in the Royal Marines and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. We are committed to ensuring everyone has equal opportunities for employment, training and advancement based solely on their merits and ability. By valuing diversity, individual skills and talents, we acknowledge our people are the most important factor in delivering operational effectiveness.

Job Description

Welcome to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). Where careful planning and rigorous teamwork make sure the Royal Navy is equipped with everything it needs to be effective – no matter where in the world it deploys.


Wherever. Whenever.

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a sophisticated global operation with a fleet of highly specialised civilian ships. We use advanced techniques that allow us to replenish and support Royal Navy warships all over the world, with fuel, food, stores and ammunition to allow them to remain operational. Also supplying Aviation support for the Royal Navy, amphibious support for the Royal Marines and secure sea transport for Army units, you’ll find the RFA are involved in operations all over the world carrying out anti- piracy and counter-narcotic patrols at any time they need crucial supplies. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s manned fleet currently there are 13 ships in the fleet, from tankers, dry cargo replenishment ships, three landing ships, a casualty reception/aviation training ship, forward repair ship, and a combined fuel and stores replenishment. Four more have been ordered which will support the new aircraft carriers.

Do you have the management, planning and teamwork skills needed for a career in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary? If you do you’ll have the opportunity to travel the world and experience the rush of adrenaline in your day to day work – all in a civilian service.


Positions are available for:

·               Qualified Deck Officer, holding a valid MCA Certificate of Competency, GMDSS Certificate, valid ENG1 medical and Discharge book.

·               Qualified Marine Engineering Officer, holding a valid Certificate of Competency, valid ENG1 medical and Discharge book.

·               Qualified System Engineering Officer, hold an HND or equivalent in either Electronic and Communication Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Candidate can be considered with an HNC and relevant experience.

Officer pay: Pay is competitive with other Merchant Navy companies, with the addition of an RFA annual bonus. The RFA also provides a Civil Service Pension. The work pattern is four months onboard, followed by 84 days paid leave.

Do you think you know and have what it takes? Then find out more…..