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Senior Authorised Firearms Officer

Contract Type
IT, Public Sector
Birmingham and Bristol
£37,536 - £40,800
Expiry Date
To manage/ supervise a team responsible for the acquisition and development of tactical and strategic intelligence focused on serious and organised crime affecting the UK.

Job Description

• Manage/supervise a team of officers, and act as a Lead Officer for Agency tasked activity (as required).

• Ensure investigations are carried out thoroughly, professionally and expeditiously in accordance with Agency policy and legislative requirements.

• Supervise the development and delivery of strategic tactical intelligence to support operational and Organisational objectives.

• Identify and implement firearms working practice in high threat overseas environments.

• Provide advice on legislation, policy, tactical options and evidential opportunities to assist in the planning and implementation of investigations and operations.

• Supervise case management and the collection, recording, quality assurance, retention, analysis and dissemination of intelligence, evidence and reports in accordance with Agency policy.

• Manage the security and accuracy of intelligence, maintaining confidentiality, sensitivity and duty of care.

• Monitor operational performance.

• Perform the role of Authorised Firearms Officer.

• Potential to perform the role of Operational Firearms Commander

• Manage/coach and develop staff.

• Manage issues relating to the performance and conduct of officers in line with Agency values/policy.

• Develop and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders in order to foster collaborative working.

• Conduct Health & Safety Management, including Risk Assessment in line with operational procedure.

• Ensure all team members are aware of Health and Safety requirements.


Essential Criteria

You will be required to supply evidence of:

• PIP1 or a recognised qualification/accreditation in investigative crime issued by a government body.

• Level 1 Surveillance trained Authorised Firearms Officer.


Experience Criteria

You will be required to supply evidence of:

• An in-depth knowledge and use of relevant legislation (Firearms, CPIA, RIPA, Police Act) affecting operational agency activity.

• Proven experience of successfully leading or supervising people or a team to deliver against operational objectives and performance.