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Senior Intelligence Officer

Contract Type
Public Sector
£40,209 This role is Spot rated. London Weighting Allowance, additional £3,424
Expiry Date
The Internet Data Unit (IDU) responds to threats, and exploits opportunities, relating to the use of electronic communications by criminals.

Job Description

The unit gathers intelligence regarding these communications using the various powers conferred within the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA).

This is a dynamic and diverse arena with constant and rapid change as new communications technologies are adopted by Subjects of Interest (SOI). At the vanguard of the UK Serious Organised Crime response to this threat is a new, interim service, that employs sensitive leading edge techniques to assist in addressing these environmental challenges.

You, together with your team, will play a pivotal role in providing this interim service and assisting in its transition into a national capability.

Job description

As a member of the IDU team, you will be responsible for:
• Delivering Intelligence Reports for High Priority Operations across Law
• Assisting in the development and delivery of new capabilities.
• Working Collaboratively with Partner Law Enforcement Agencies and the UK Intelligence Community.
• Managing Sensitive Intelligence in accordance with Legislation, NCA policy and Operating Procedures.
• Sharing Knowledge and Experience across the Law Enforcement Community.
• Ability to acquire DV Clearance is essential and ability to obtain Strap clearance.


You will engage with investigative customers, ensuring operational requirements are met in a timely manner whilst protecting equities and developing best practice, all whilst delivering mission critical intelligence to colleagues within the NCA, and across UK policing.

Research and development is also a core component to the IDU and you will quickly develop your technical understanding by working with a team of dedicated expert colleagues who pioneer new tools and tradecraft, and analyses data captured through both Targeted Interception and Targeted Equipment Interference.