Senior Officer - Digital Forensics

Contract Type
Birmingham, Bridgend, Bristol, Chorley, Exeter, and various others
£36,742 - £44,912
Expiry Date
The Intelligence Directorate works collaboratively with the NCA Investigations Directorate and partners to deliver a unified crime fighting response.

Job Description

To be successful in these roles, you will be able to demonstrate a good working knowledge of digital forensics processes and procedures within the laboratory or scene.

You will manage and co-ordinate multifunctional forensic capabilities and staff, providing advice and support to all types of investigations, including cyber enabled and dependant crime investigations in the case of the cyber role. As an integral decision maker between operational forensic activity, our partners and customers, you will demonstrate a robust attitude to forensic activity, evidencing value for money balanced against delivering bespoke forensic strategies.

• The Cyber, Scene and Digital Technical Manager roles will require successful candidates to pass a five day Officer Safety Training Course (OST) during their probationary period or during their first 12 months in the Agency (Civil Service transfers). Failure to do so would mean you are not able to continue in the operational forensic role and we would seek to find you an alternative non-operational role within the agency.
• The OST comprises of cognitive input, armed and unarmed defence theory and practical techniques, and as such requires a level of physical exertion due to the nature of the repetitive drills. The practical techniques include use of body weapons, movement and positioning, strikes (armed/unarmed), blocks, restraint and control. We will expect officers attending the course to have a standard of physical fitness. Progressive full body warm ups are conducted each day to minimise risk of injury to the officer. It is expected the officers is capable of ground descent and ascent, unaided and within a reasonable time frame. This is important individually and in team tactics.

• Applicants for the Cyber, Scene and Technical Manager roles must also be able to complete and pass partial powers training and examination within 3 months of start date

• The Cyber and Scene roles are also required to work an on-call rota (on average 1 in every 4 weeks, although this will decrease as our numbers increase). This on-call pattern is for a period of 7 days, commencing and concluding at 08.00 hours on a Monday morning – with a compensation of approx. £180 per week on-call (overtime once deployed is paid in addition). Please note – the on-call system is currently under review and may be subject to future change.