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Senior Officer - Fingerprint Expert, Forensic Services

Contract Type
Public Sector
West Midlands
£34,971 - £40,000
Expiry Date
We are at the forefront of Law enforcement in the UK and we are looking for a wide variety of skills and experience to protect the public. Our role is to protect the public from the most serious criminal threats.

Job Description

The Identification Bureau manage the NCA’s access to the UK National Fingerprint Database (IDENT1) and conducts fingerprint comparison and searching activity in support of criminal justice outcomes and International fingerprint requirements on behalf of the UK, providing expert witness evidence for the organisation as required. The NCA Identification Bureau is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. 

We are currently looking to recruit G4 Fingerprint Experts to join our team in the East Midlands area to play a key role in further developing the established forensic capability. To be successful in this role you will apply all aspects of your specialism to develop intelligence in the proactive environment and build evidence in reactive operational activity.

Candidates should have completed a nationally recognised Fingerprint analysis training programme, and must be a UK recognised Fingerprint Expert. 

With extensive casework experience, proven skills in fingerprint identification and verification processes, and an excellent understanding of working in an accredited environment, candidates should be highly motivated to work on some of the most serious and organised crime affecting the UK and its citizens. 

As a Fingerprint Expert the role is to search and compare fingerprints against national collections in accordance with Agency procedure, ISO 17025 standards and FSR Codes. Produce accurate comparison conclusions and independently verify identifications and complex reporting outcomes to support NCA core business. This is a challenging role that will focus on core technical skills as a Fingerprint Expert along with the requirements of being a Reporting Officer and responsibilities to attend court as an Expert Witness using oral and electronic presentation styles as required. 

Main Responsibilities 

  • Conduct analysis, comparison and evaluation of friction ridge detail. 
  • Independently examine and verify the conclusions of other fingerprint examiners. 
  • Report outcomes and provide expert witness testimony in court.
  • Search and interrogate computerised systems to determine identity of crime scene marks and build intelligence in relation to persons of interest. 
  • Develop tactical and operational biometric intelligence products. 
  • Perform a range of work activities utilising specialist databases in support of NCA Casework and other International functions on behalf of the UK. 
  • Undertake key roles in relation to Forensic regulation and accreditation standards. 
  • Represent agency at a national level. 
  • Mentor and support development of trainee fingerprint examiners. 
  • Management of NCA’s portable identification devices. 

As an experienced specialist will also represent the agency at a national level, working with partner agencies and law enforcement to embrace and develop specialist technology and functionality to develop intelligence and acquire evidence through forensic identification. 

This is a Reporting Officer position. 

These roles are based in the West Midlands due to the nature of work and accreditation limitations. 

To be considered, you will need to successfully complete a SC Enhanced clearance before commencing the role. 

You will also be required to undertake a mandatory pre-employment substance misuse test and achieve a satisfactory result. 

Essential Qualifications/Skills 

You will be required to supply evidence of: 

  • Advanced level Fingerprint Training to Expert Status.

Person specification

Experience Criteria 

You will be required to supply a suitability statement (in no more than 250 words per criteria) 

  • Experienced in analysis, comparison and evaluation of friction ridge detail. 
  • Experienced in processing serious or complex fingerprint casework. 
  • Experienced in accredited fingerprint identification and verification processes 


  • Advanced level Fingerprint Training to Expert Status


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Changing and Improving
  • Delivering at Pace

Technical skills

We'll assess you against these technical skills during the selection process:

  • National Insurance Number - Required for monitoring purposes only
  • Current knowledge of operating the IDENT1 system; marks and tenprints
  • Analytical skills
  • Good underpinning knowledge and application of fingerprint standards and regulation.