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Senior Regulation Managers

Contract Type
Flexible Hours, Permanent
Public Sector
Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, London and York
London - £58,202 - £69,845 - Regional £54,218 - £65,972
Expiry Date
These four roles will work as a team to hold to account Network Rail’s routes (which operate the railway on a day-to-day basis) and its system operator (which manages system-wide issues).

Job Description

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) is the independent safety and economic regulator for Britain's railways and the independent monitor of Highways England. We are here to ensure these networks operate safely, reliably and provide value for taxpayers and customers. 

In regulating Network Rail, we want to support its approach of devolving more responsibilities and decision-making to its routes (which operate the railway on a day-to-day basis) and its system operator (which manages system-wide issues). This will help ensure Network Rail is more focused on delivering local customers’ priorities. We want to incentivise Network Rail to ensure it conducts high quality engagement with its customers and stakeholders, focusing on their needs and expectations. As an evidence-based regulator, will be carrying out more comparison between routes, driving improvement. And by continuing to identify and resolve issues at an early stage, we will be able to better demonstrate to stakeholders the role we play in understanding and addressing Network Rail’s behaviour and holding to account where needed. 

About the roles 

ORR holds Network Rail to account for delivering what it has promised; the decisions we take can have a significant impact on the service that passengers and freight customers receive and can help secure a safer, higher-performing, and more efficient railway. These roles present a great opportunity to play a pivotal role in ORR’s new approach to regulation of Network Rail, which owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure. These four roles will work as a team to hold to account Network Rail’s routes (which operate the railway on a day-to-day basis) and its system operator (which manages system-wide issues). 


You will play a key role in holding Network Rail to account, working with colleagues to scrutinise and challenging its performance, and taking appropriate action to resolve concerns as early as possible. You will have significant responsibility for building strong and independent relationships with senior leaders in Network Rail’s business, and with its customers. You will also have a crucial role in maintaining the highest standards of rigour and objectivity in the way we bring evidence together to understand and anticipate Network Rail’s performance. As part of this, you will be responsible for understanding and providing context about each route / the system operator to support internal decision-making. 

Key Responsibilities 

The four roles will face different challenges, and have different geographic coverage. Successful candidates will be expected to work closely as a cohesive team and act as a catalyst in evolving and shaping ORR’s approach to regulating Network Rail. We have two roles with responsibility for Network Rail routes in England and Wales, one role that will lead on Network Rail’s Scotland routes (based in Scotland) and one role with responsibility for system operation, freight and national passenger operators across the national network. These are new roles and a new team within ORR. 

The core responsibilities for all four roles include: 

  • Managing ORR’s relationship with the relevant parts of Network Rail and their major stakeholders. 
  • Establish and maintain effective, strategic relationships with key senior stakeholders, challenging them when necessary; 
  • Engage extensively and constructively with internal stakeholders to ensure issues are addressed and resolved in a structured way; and 
  • Understand Network Rail and external stakeholder views about Network Rail’s performance including the effectiveness of its own stakeholder engagement. 
  • Forming an integrated, evidence-based view of performance 
  • Drawing on ORR’s specialist subject experts as required, understand the context for Network Rail’s performance; 
  • Lead scrutiny of Network Rail’s business plans and performance (including against its own scorecards); supporting comparison across routes; 
  • Shape ORR’s approach to reporting comparisons in route performance; and 
  • Monitor compliance with specific responsibilities under Network Rail’s licence (and in Scotland the specific requirements of the Scottish High Level Output Specification). 
  • Identifying risks and promoting early resolution 
  • Through the above, identify and report against both local or widespread potential issues and good practice; 
  • Lead difficult conversations to challenge the senior management team in Network Rail; and 
  • Press for early resolution of issues, escalating problems as appropriate including through to formal enforcement action where necessary. 
  • Communicating ORR’s conclusions and expectations 
  • Produce ORR's written commentary on routes/ system operator performance (which may be communicated through multiple channels at various points). 

You may apply for any or all of the roles. The role-specific requirements are as follows: 

Senior regulation manager, England & Wales (2 roles) 

  • These roles are responsible for regulating Network Rail’s routes in England & Wales, with the geography divided between the two roles. 

Senior regulation manager, Scotland (1 role) 

  • This role is responsible for regulating Network Rail Scotland, which has a separate financial settlement and set of requirements to England & Wales. It will also involve significant proactive and reactive engagement with the Scottish Government. This includes engaging with Transport Scotland, and provision of support to ORR Executive Directors and Chair in meeting with the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity and the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee. 

Senior regulation manager, System level (1 role) 

  • This role is responsible for regulating Network Rail’s system operator and freight and national passenger operator route. It will need to understand these roles in the context of the wider GB system and freight issues. It will also need to represent ORR more widely on these issues with stakeholders e.g. the freight and national passenger operator community. 

For further information on these roles, please find below our Senior Regulation Managers - Job Briefing

Person specification

The following experience is highly desirable. The capability to develop this experience is essential. 

  • Experience of engagement with senior level stakeholders (board or executive level); 
  • Experiencing of working with a range of technical experts (knowing how and when to commission specialist technical advice);
  • Experience of the context for Network Rail and Britain’s railways or relevant operating context from another sector (such as a monopoly infrastructure network); and 
  • For the Scotland role: Understanding of the political context/devolution settlement in Scotland.