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Senior Specialist Software Developer - Technical Operations

Contract Type
Public Sector
£40,000 - £44,912. RRA: This is currently set at £1,400 for this post
Expiry Date
An exciting opportunity to be part of and lead a dynamic team within the intelligence Directorate, designing and implementing bespoke software solutions.

Job Description

The intelligence Directorate aims to deliver a world class Intelligence Operating Model that leads the fight against serious and Organised Crime, utilising a professional workforce, collaborating with partners to exploit all sources of information to produce actionable and timely intelligence.

Job description

Through the application of advanced cyber techniques your role would be to gather evidence and intelligence with a proactive approach for criminal investigations under authorised warrantry.

Techniques used would need to be utilised in accordance with legislation, and NCA policy, in order to disrupt and degrade criminal capability.

You would be required to develop, deploy and protect sensitive techniques and tactics. Your role in this fast paced team will be to become the subject matter expert in software for mobile device exploitation. You will advise and provide assurance upon the use and disclosure of sensitive tactics whilst enabling operational activity.


Part of the role will be to lead a research and development team into emerging and novel techniques/tools for exploiting mobile devices.

Your role will also include the maintenance and enhancement of existing software tools, closing capability gaps, designing and developing new software tools