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Software Engineer

Contract Type
Engineering, IT
Expiry Date
We are looking for an Software Engineer to join our software development team

Job Description

Description of role and key responsibilities

You will be working in a highly motivated agile, cross functional team.  This is a vertical team that has full ownership of their domain.  Each member is responsible for their area of specialisation, as well as for all aspects of application development from interacting with stakeholders and users, to design, development and deployment, through to production monitoring and support.

The role includes:

  • Working within an agile software development team
  • Interacting with stakeholders and users of our systems
  • All aspects of software engineering; inception, development, testing, deployment and support
  • Continuing to learn about, and apply where appropriate, new techniques and technologies in software development
  • Maintaining and improving legacy software systems
  • Liaising with other departments and third parties

Core skills and knowledge

The successful candidate should be capable of:

  • To act with integrity at all times and embrace the philosophy of treating our customers fairly (compulsory)
  • Regulatory Knowledge as applicable to role (compulsory)
  • Designing and developing systems for both high availability and scalability
  • Designing and maintaining SOA architectures following RESTful principles (when applicable)
  • Working in a software development team environment using source control and continuous integration
  • Applying problem solving skills to technical issues
  • A good knowledge of effective test automation techniques and methods
  • Enable others with a focus on knowledge sharing, pairing, presentation and mentoring
  • Assisting with the adoption of an lean / agile development mind set

The successful candidate must have a proficient knowledge of:

  • C# and .NET 4 / 4.6
  • WebAPI
  • .NET Core
  •  Windows Services / TopShelf
  • Working within cross-functional agile teams
  • SQL Server with good knowledge of SQL and T-SQL
  •  Working with continuous integration & deployment pipelines