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Sulphur Loader

BP International Ltd
Contract Type
Energy & Manufacturing
Expiry Date
20/06/2018 16:08:00
We are a global energy business involved in every aspect of the energy system. We have 75,000 employees in 80 countries, working towards delivering light, heat and mobility to millions of people, every day.

Job Description

The purpose of this job is to load sulfur rail cars and trucks at the APS complex. The Sulfur Loader is required to qualify in both the truck and rail loading aspects of the job.

The Sulfur Loader is responsible for:

  • Inspecting the rail cars and trucks prior to loading per DOT and refinery requirements.
  • Setting up the rail cars, trucks and loading system prior to and after loading.
  • Monitoring the loading equipment (pumps, steam tracing, etc) for proper functionality while loading and on standby.
  • Following the automatic and manual loading procedures and controlling the loading system during the load.
  • Opening and closing the load block valves before or after the load.
  • Completing paperwork as per DOT and refinery requirements.
  • Preparing the rail car for shipping per DOT and refinery requirements.
  • Housekeeping in the loading rack area.
  • Misc. duties as assigned by the APS Shift Supervisor or Chief Operator.
  • The Sulfur Loader will work an 8-hour rotating shift schedule; including morning, afternoon and night shifts.

  • A minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent.


BP International Ltd