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Technical Architect

Contract Type
Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester, London, Wakefield, Warrington
Expiry Date
Enterprise Design Authority Technology is based within Digital Data & Technology (DDaT). We work across the agency to build a mechanism for achieving the alignment of enterprise and solution, technology architectures to the NCA’s strategic direction

Job Description

Key responsibilities include:

• Provide strategic technical leadership and architectural design to drive forward the provision of capabilities and services that enable and enhance the business.
• Working with the Chief Architect, set the strategic direction for all IT related domains in the NCA and ensure coherence with the wider government approach to IT.
• Establish and maintain architectural principles, standards, blueprints, roadmaps and transitions states that underpin all IT design and delivery in the NCA.
• Lead the work with projects to embed the architectural design gates within the overall governance process ensuring reference information is published, maintained and readily available.
• Maintain a broad and up-to-date knowledge of current state and emerging developments across technology areas including infrastructure, networks, applications and data; bring this knowledge and expertise to bear in the design of systems.
• Provide professional leadership and development for technical architects across the NCA.
• Manage, coach and develop staff, work cooperatively with colleagues and stakeholders to promote high-performance, and manage issues relating to the performance and conduct of officers in line with NCA values.