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Technical Business Analyst

HM Revenue & Customs
Contract Type
+15% pension
Expiry Date
03/02/2018 15:26:00
This is a vacancy within the HMRC to work as a Technical Business Analyst based in Southend. HMRC has a very large IT estate ranging...

Job Description

This is a vacancy within the HMRC to work as a Technical Business Analyst based in Southend. HMRC has a very large IT estate ranging from data analytics platforms to complex legacy systems. We are going through a transformation where we are launching many new IT services or revamping existing ones.

This is specifically within the Customers & International Trade delivery group. They are responsible for the end to end service management and development of over 100 separate IT services from the generation of Trade Statistics to the administration of Customs and Excise duties.

This page merely serves as an advert and does not count as an official application.

This link contains the full job description and contact details of the recruiting manager if you wish to discuss further.

Responsibilities and Duties

Your responsibilities will include the following:
  • Review and validate new business requirements when received to ensure they are of sufficient quality to identify systems requirements and solutions and then support impacting and planning a change
  • Produce estimates on expected effort required to complete analysis work for IT changes
  • Analyse and develop customer requirements by producing a formal response to business requirements supplied to the Delivery Group to establish a consistent understanding of the requirement between all project stakeholders
  • Analyse and develop product requirements by refining and elaborating business requirements to identify both functional and non-functional requirements
  • Produce, review and baseline all required Technical Analysis project documentation
  • Peer review analysis products produced by other Technical Business Analysts to ensure they are fit for purpose and maintain a high quality of deliverable for the Solutions Design team
  • Manage changes to requirements by responding to formal requests for change and clearly identifying any changes in scope to the existing requirements. If a change in scope is approved then the Technical Analyst is responsible for completing any necessary rework
  • Manage traceability between business requirements and system requirements. Ensure all business requirements can be traced through to system requirements
  • Contribute to wider project activities, including governance, reporting and planned checkpoint meetings
  • Contribute to relevant Lessons Learnt activities
  • Maintain awareness of the existing architectural landscape and the objectives of collaborating roles
  • Produce knowledge and Skills Transfer Plans, ensuring skills and knowledge transfer is delivered to internal members of staff
Qualifications and Skills

The following experience would be desirable:
  • A significant understanding of IT design and architecture; sufficient to collaborate with design and development roles and understand their requirements
  • Previous experience as a technical business analyst, ideally in a large, complex IT estate
  • Knowledge of solution design, data analysis, business analysis, test management

You will also be eligible for a Civil Service pension. At this level you will contribute 5.45% of your monthly salary, and the HMRC will top this up with 20.9%.

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