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Technology & Digital Opportunities

Severn Trent
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Digital, IT
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Our technology team help us embed customers at the heart of everything we do, while driving excellence and continual innovation

Job Description

Technology & Digital Opportunities


Our technology team help us embed customers at the heart of everything we do, while driving excellence and continual innovation. Joining this team, you could be involved in creating innovative technologies that deliver an unbeatable customer experience, building key digital skills from coding to business analysis.

As a business we have combination of big budget transformation programmes and fast-moving, agile delivery projects.

These could include anything from working with Developers and Analysts in our App Squad to deliver applications for our colleagues’ smart devices, to developing new systems that allow us to identify and prevent network failures.

It’s fast-paced and consistently challenging work – but it’s also hugely rewarding.


We are looking for a wide range of skills from:

  • Application & Security Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Scrum Masters
  • PMO Analysts


Like water itself, Severn Trent is a company that flows. We know where we want to be in the future and have a lot of plans for moving forward. We’ll continue to deliver wonderful water to customers, achieve our goal to become the UK’s most trusted water company and have a lasting positive impact on our communities.

Joining us at Severn Trent means you can be part of this future and help us to carry out our plans to improve the essential service we provide to our customers


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Why Severn Trent?    

Think of water and you probably think of us. We’re one of the largest regulated water companies across England and Wales. Severn Trent runs through the heart of the UK, providing essential services from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from Shropshire to the East Midlands.

In Wales, our customers are looked after by Hafren Dyfrdwy, our new company is the teaming up of Dee Valley Water and Severn Trent and will bring wonderful water to mid and north-east Wales. The partnership combines an existing warm community approach, with the perks of being part of a wider public company.


Together we are part of Severn Trent PLC where our passion is making sure wonderful water reaches our customers and taking their waste away safely, so that they can put the kettle on or jump in the shower without thinking.


Our teams are dedicated to maintaining the flow of water to and from our customers’ homes. We’re continually investing in our people and infrastructure, so everyone can tap into the wonderful water we provide well into the future.


You’ll be part of a team that will help drive change in our business:


We change lives

Our communities are always changing, and we have ways of keeping up. Using new digital platforms to keep in touch with our customers and new initiatives for reducing the cost of water.


We shape the future

By joining us, you’ll be helping us to deal with new pressures on resources and help to grow a sustainable future - for everyone. Whichever role you work in you can be sure that you’ll be making a positive impact for generations to come.


We deliver something special

We are responsible for the world’s most precious resource in our area. The buck stops with us. Severn Trent is driven by the shared values of the business and its employees. Together we will act with integrity, protect the environment and focus on our duty to our customers


Wonderful for all


We’re creating an inclusive company. We’ve created a culture that encourages all of our people to think of each day as an opportunity to do something better.

Many of our best ideas come from our people – helping to improve our service and reduce costs.

Our most ambitious goals depend on brilliant ideas, no matter who they come from.


We recruit differently so that people in our region know all about the opportunities Severn Trent has to offer.

As employers, we welcome people from all walks of life and promote diversity and inclusion.