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Warrantry Officer, Intercept Delivery, Intelligence Collections

Contract Type
Flexible Hours, Part-Time, Permanent
Public Sector
London, Warrington
£26,536 + London Weighting Allowance £3,258
Expiry Date
Due to the nature of the role it is highly advised that you review the Candidate Information pack attached to this vacancy.

Job Description

To quality assure Warranty application from the NCA, MPS and NPCC prior to submission to the home office. 

  • Highlighting and mitigating risk when quality assuring warranty applications, while ensuring legal compliance. 
  • Ensuring the prioritisation of time critical applications. 
  • To facilitate intelligence gathering by the NCA, MPS and NPCC by managing the workflow through Warranty and Tasking Team. 
  • Conduct intelligence development, research and analysis in support of the National Crime Agency’s Annual Plan, National Control Strategy and other identified priorities in the fight to cut serious and organised crime. 
  • Interact with customers and providers of intelligence through verbal and written dissemination or briefings, ensuring thorough understanding of intelligence requirements and effective communication of these to analytic teams and/or other stakeholders. 
  • Carry out all-source data exploitation, analysis, delivery and dissemination of Intelligence product relating to serious and organised crime, in support of operational, tactical and strategic objectives, through interaction with other NCA departments and teams, and also with external partners. 
  • Draft and submit applications, as required, to carry out covert and other activity for the purpose of intelligence gathering. 
  • Identify, prioritise and manage risk in accordance with legislation, policy and standard operating procedures. 

If you want to make the UK a safer place, apply today. See the candidate information pack for more detail.

Essential Criteria 

  • This is a designated post open to UK 
  • Nationals only


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Delivering at Pace

Technical skills

We'll assess you against these technical skills during the selection process:

  • National Insurance Number
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation (e.g. CPIA, IPA) and its impact on the role and Agency activity
  • Risk management skills
  • Experience of assessing information, conducting analysis and presenting results