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Looking to Recruit?

If you’re looking to recruit the best people across diverse talent pools and make sure your organisation is recognised as an employer of choice, Proud Employers is here to help.

We help jobseekers find roles with organisations committed to equality for their LGBT staff. We also give organisations a platform to attract diverse staff to their workplaces, and promote their commitment to LGBT inclusion.

Your reputation and association with Stonewall could be the deciding factor which determines whether a high-quality applicant chooses you or a competitor. Proud Employers enables you to demonstrate your commitment to the inclusion and equality of LGBT staff in your workplace, as well as recruit from this group more effectively.

In order to advertise on Proud Employers, organisations must be members of the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme – our world-leading employers’ forum for ensuring all LGBT staff are accepted without exception in the workplace.

Over 700 organisations from across the public, private and third sectors already work with us through this programme to create inclusive and accepting environments for LGBT employees.

By only allowing members of the Diversity Champions programme to advertise, we aim to ensure that the roles we advertise are with employers who are truly committed to equality.

At Stonewall, we believe that people perform best when they can be themselves. Proud Employers is here to help LGBT people, as well as allies, find employers who enable them to do that. 


Nicola Lintott

Diversity & Human Rights Lead, St Andrew’s Healthcare

We can only care for and meet the diverse needs of our patients if we have a diverse workforce who is valued and respected. Proud Employers supports us in finding the best of the LGBT community to help transform patients’ lives by delivering world-class care.


Recruitment Partner, Macmillan

Advertising on Proud Employers ensures our vacancies are visible to the best talent from across the UK, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


CEO, Touchstone

Touchstone is a safe place for all our staff and this means feeling safe to be who you really are. We advertise on the Proud Employers website because we are proud to employ a fantastic team of staff who bring their real selves to work everyday, and who make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in West Yorkshire. Why don't you join them?



Our Founding Partners are a select group of employers, united by their commitment to ensuring LGBT equality at every stage of their recruitment.