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Stonewall Young Futures

Created in collaboration with LGBTQ+ young people, Stonewall Young Futures offers signposting and advice on education, training, skills, careers, and work as well as support on mental health, self-advocacy and homelessness.

How to find a global LGBT inclusive employer

More and more people are looking for employers that offer exciting opportunities to travel or relocate in a globalised world. Multinational organisations can offer just that, but at the same time many operate in countries where the experiences of LGBT people differ greatly.

Why LGBT network groups are so important for the workplace

An LGBT network group (sometimes called a Business Resource Group) is an internal forum for employees at all levels of an organisation. These groups play a crucial role in advancing workplace equality in the UK and across the world. They are led by LGBT employees, so if your organisation doesn’t have one, you might be able to set one up.

Why should you care about LGBT inclusion in the workplace?

It’s understandable that your first question when job hunting may not be: ‘Is this employer LGBT inclusive?’. You’re more likely to be concerned with how well respected the organisation is, the opportunities for development, and perhaps the salary.


Nicola Lintott

Diversity & Human Rights Lead, St Andrew’s Healthcare

We can only care for and meet the diverse needs of our patients if we have a diverse workforce who is valued and respected. Proud Employers supports us in finding the best of the LGBT community to help transform patients’ lives by delivering world-class care.

Faye Horsman

Senior Recruitment Manager, Slaughter and May

Diversity is an essential component of what enables us to deliver a world class, innovative service to our international client base. We collaborate with organisations like Proud Employers to look for talent with varied backgrounds and experiences, including those from the LGBT+ community.


CEO, Touchstone

Touchstone is a safe place for all our staff and this means feeling safe to be who you really are. We advertise on the Proud Employers website because we are proud to employ a fantastic team of staff who bring their real selves to work everyday, and who make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in West Yorkshire. Why don't you join them?