Why LGBT network groups are so important for the workplace

An LGBT network group (sometimes called a Business Resource Group) is an internal forum for employees at all levels of an organisation. These groups play a crucial role in advancing workplace equality in the UK and across the world. They are led by LGBT employees, so if your organisation doesn’t have one, you might be able to set one up.

Why Should You Join A Network Group?

To become part of a community

Network groups are a great way to meet other LGBT people at work. They can also provide confidential support on any issues you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your manager. Sometimes networks collaborate across sectors – a great way to meet and learn from peers in other organisations.

To help raise awareness

Network groups often run initiatives, such as panel events and social media campaigns, to explore LGBT issues. These activities increase the visibility of LGBT people at work, helping to create an environment where everyone feels confident to be themselves.

To advise management and create change

Network groups often help scrutinise organisational policies and practices, such as ensuring that employee benefits are fully LGBT inclusive.

To support local LGBT communities

Network group activities such as fundraising and attending Pride events, often reach beyond just staff, to customers, service users and local communities.


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